The Council of 3

Founded around 300 DR, by the “great triad” Aaron the Warrior, Ferdinand the Explorer and Iomandra the historian; The council is an autonomous organization not directly affiliated with any political, religious or commercial power in Aelus, but to all of them.

The Council, is the group that regulates and sanctions the activities of all registered guilds.

History and foundation

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The Council is composed of the 3 most powerful guilds since its foundation: Blacksight guild, Ravenfeather guild and Shadeforest guild.

Blacksight Guild:

Founded by Aaron Balasar, is considered by many as the most powerful guild in existence, counting on its ranks the larger number of members, over a million. Is currently headed by Adaran Balasar, direct descendant from its founder. It specializes in combat and protection missions, but due to the guild importance, they rarely take anything less than large scale contracts. Most mayor cities have a Blacksight House in them, but their main base is located in the city of Thyr, they handle high end security threats in dangerous zones as well as task regarding escorting/protection of the most powerful noble houses and prominent political/religious organizations.

Ravenfeather Guild:

Founded by Ferdinand Rasht it houses around 2000 members. Currently leaded by Father Lial Lionhearth. It’s main business is exploration, discovery and cataloging of geographic zones, and tracing landmark and location of wild zones as well as exploration of remnants of the old empires. They tend to operate away from most civilized zones, and only a handful of Houses exist in the major city merely as contact to the away branches of the guild.

Shadeforest Guild:

Founded by Iomandra of Miyiertar is the second most powerful Guild, member of the Council. Formed by little more than 3000 members its currently leaded by Naadara Theirastra. Their main base is located in the University of Thyr, home of the largest library housing the most comprehensive variety of texts, scrolls and information regarding all kinds of knowledge in Aelus. They usually take missions involving diplomatic relations, research and experimentation of fringe magic and the acquisition/recovery of forgotten knowledge.

The Council Laws

To establish order amongst guilds the council created a set of rules every Certified Guild must follow:

• A Guild must be recognized by several rulings in a region before it tries to become a “Certified Guild” a guild that is recognized as such by the council abides by these rulings and obtains the benefits of the status.
• Any Certified Guild Activity must be reported to the council as soon as possible. Any large scale, devious activity, conflictive errand, etc. MUST be acknowledged by the council before the acceptance of the contract.
• Mission of Assassination, conquer, robbery, or otherwise manipulating by force any person/city/region/political struggle or endorsement of any illegal activity is completely inadmissible by any member of the council, must be reported immediately and wait for further instruction on how to deal with it.

Benefits of a Registered Guild

• Any Registered Guild or RG member has complete permission to travel to any part of Aelus unless otherwise notice by The Council, presented the RG license should suffice to any authority.
• Although every RG has to abide by local laws and enforce them, the specific authority of contract related decision falls into the Guilds domain and supercedes any local authority.
• Full privileges in all Guild houses that any RG member should visit (such as food, shelter, etc)
• Authority to select any “Council” registered kind of Contract.

The Council of 3

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