Is a dire world, savage and dangerous. With a few point of light admits chaos and decadency, the little remnants of civilized location are scattered and lost along its geography.


Aelus land is composed of 3 continents known as the Western Strand, the Eastern Strand and the Far Strand.

The Western Strand:

Also called the “Left Strand” is the best known of the tree continents, most civilized places remain here. In ancient times existed theEmpire of Nerathto the north, and to the southern reach the Dominion of Arkozhia, but now, little more than ruins and myths remain of the great empires of old. Now the Great city of Thyr shines to the North, one of the greatest bastion of order for humanoid races, the city of Fallcrest sets itself in the middle of the continent within the Nenthyr Vale and Razhara is the most notable outpost of civilization to the south.

The Middle Strand:

Also known as the “Middle Strand” is in a stage of somewhat development, the land is pretty much savage, Orcs, Trolls, Goblins to name a few races, hold position with their larger settlements in here, and civilized outpost are scarce, is in here where the Ravenfeather Guild centers his activities, trying to map and explore the geography

The Far Strand:

The most unknown of the three continents in Aelus, The far strand is almost a myth amongst most commoners, no commercial or otherwise travel route is established to get there, making it impossible to travel there without the full extent of The Council support.


The great order and power of the empires of old; Nerath, the great Human nation to the north, and Arkozhia, the Dragonborn dominion to the south was lost in the Great Conflict the war that broke civilization, sinking Aelus in its current devastated status. Civilization suffered its worst sundering out of this war, letting the remnants of sentient races scattered and isolated.

In time, people and coin rose to the necessity, giving birth to the Guilds that one day would form The Council


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