Aelus Judgement: The Cindering Shadow Star

Aelus is a dire world, savage and dangerous. With a few point of light admits chaos and decadency, the little remnants of civilized location are scattered and lost along its geography. The great order and power of the empires of old; Nerath, the great Human nation to the north, and Arkhozhia, the Dragonborn dominion to the south are but a myth in these times, only tales of centuries past.

Humanoid races would have long ceased to walk these lands if it weren’t for a few formidable men and women decided to take action. Out of necessity the Guilds where created, to support a living that would otherwise be impossible, but when their own power was unmatched they crumbled on its own weight. War stirred again and the Council of 3 was born. The 3 single most powerful guilds: Blacksight, Ravenfather and Shadeforest, joined forces and put and end to the conflict.

However, is not with these great heroes of old, our story lies, but with a much more modest group of Adventurers, getting caught in a chain of events, that not the highest of Archons nor the most powerful seer can yet divine…

Aelus Judgement

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